Journey Mapping

24 Sep 23

High-level reflection

Description: My high-level reflection this week is about receiving feedback and receiving feedback that was not expected. After presenting my proposed solution to my stream partners I received overall positive feedback, but I did have a negative and an improvement point.

Feelings: At first, I took it onboard and was a little bit embarrassed and anxious that I had not received good feedback. Afterwards, before these feelings were set into stone, I realised that I needed to process and understand them to ensure they did not get worse. I also used this session to embrace them and eliminate the issues from my project. This left me feeling good and positive about my project. I felt that I had successfully embraced the criticism and was proud of it.

Evaluation: Overall, I think I handled the situation well and put steps into place to appropriately manage the situation.

Analysis: I think I’m not fully desensitised to bad feedback and need to work on removing myself from my projects. Realising that projects and designs are something that I will put a lot of time and effort into are not a part of me will help me receive feedback in the future. Also I realised that feedback on the project is not feedback on me as a person.


Action Plan:


Status update

Current status of the project in connection to your proposal?

The current status of my project is still prototyping. I am still working on my journey mapping and securing the big concepts and ironing out the obvious errors and mistakes. The feedback from the presentations was invaluable for progressing and finalising the overall solution.

What tools/technologies are you using?

Still mainly using pen and paper. Started to research UI development tools that align with my intended outcome these were: Gigma, Adobe XD and Microsoft power apps.

What outcomes did these tools produce?

I produced some good insights about my proposed solution and it was almost a second discover phase of areas that my solution can impact. 

What part of the project has made you smile/happy?

Picking a colour scheme. I know that this is probably a boring step but I was super excited and happy when I chose my colour scheme. My intention was to have two halves to it. One that is energetic and bright and another that is more calming and reflective. Therefore my scheme is a mix of oranges and blues. Ooooh i’m so happy with it.

What part of the project has made you sad?

I don’t think anything made me sad but I did have some annoyance about UI tools and that none of them really fit with what I wanted and that most of them are going to take a large amount of work to get a good looking outcome.


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