Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping 24 Sep 23 High-level reflection Description: My high-level reflection this week is about receiving feedback and receiving feedback that was not expected. After presenting my proposed solution to my stream partners I received overall positive feedback, but I did have a negative and an improvement point. Feelings: At first, I took it onboard […]

Starting Prototyping | Week 7

Starting Prototyping 15 Sep 23 High-level reflection Description: This was a good week. I started fleshing out my idea and using multiple tools in my toolkit. I created rough prototypes and user journeys and started on reiterations. I also interacted well with my classmates, gained some solid insights, and provided feedback to others. Feelings: I […]

Design Capstone Introduction | Week 1

Design Capstone Introduction 17 Jul I had my first classes for both DES301 and DES302 today. There was a decent amount of information passed on by lecturers and a lot to process for the semester ahead. The first class was DES301. We had a round of introductions from the staff and students and an overview […]